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5 ideas for baby gifts to decorate the baby's room

5 ideas for baby gifts to decorate the baby's room


3 tips for choosing the right baby gift

Bring a little softness for the first nights

With the arrival of her baby, the young mother will discover nights interspersed with feeds, night-time awakenings and muffled footsteps in her newborn's room. We therefore opt for gifts that will bring her a little softness: a pretty nightlight, a soft carpet to put at the foot of the cot, a musical mobile to help her put her baby to sleep...

Helping to tidy the room

Especially when it's their first baby, parents-to-be are not necessarily equipped to store their child's toys and games. Offer them pretty baskets, which will always be useful and will allow them to store cuddly toys, soft toys and other cubes that will increase their baby's collection over the months.


Focus on bed linen

Pretty bed linen immediately gives a delicate and poetic touch to a child's bedroom. Liberty, clouds, animals: be sure to choose the print according to the preferences of the young parents, to be used on the bed linen as well as the bumper pad.


Our selection :

Carpet with nice warm and soothing colours. Very soft to the touch, it will easily find its place in your child's room, either on the floor or on the wall.

  • Brand :  Little Dutch
  • Colour :  pink
  • Features :  Handmade, each rug is unique / Fair Trade Certified, production manager (no child labor, recycled materials and sustainable).
  • Dimensions : length : 130 cm / width : 90 cm
  • Weight : 1,9 kg
  • Composition :  100% recycled cotton
  • Maintenance : Machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standards : meets the requiremets of the standard CE
  • Country of manifacture : India
  • Warranty period : 1 years
€ 94,00
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This night will reassure babies and children who are afraid of the dark. This soft plush turns into night night with its marine melody and the waves (white noise).

  • Brand :  Cloud B
  • Colour :  Blue
  • Features :  Pilot projection underwater / brightness adjustment / 2 soothing sounds waves (white noise) and soft marine melody / 6 levels of volume / Timer 23 minutes
  • Dimensions : length : 32 cm / width : 19 cm / height : 10 cm
  • Age suitability : From birth
  • Warranty period : 1 years
€ 54,00

Nice musical mobile that will awaken your baby's sight and hearing. The giraffe, the elephant, the lion and the crocodile dance to a soft melody around the baobab to lull baby to sleep.

  • Brand : MOULIN ROTY
  • Colour : MULTICOLOR
  • Dimensions : length : 35 cm / height : 65 cm
  • Weight: 0,78 kg
  • Composition : cotton, polyester, elastane, metallic fibres, wood
  • Maintenance : Surface wash. No tumble dryer.
  • Recommended age : 0-6m


€ 84,00
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Small quilted basket

  • Brand :  Liewood
  • Color :  Indefinite
  • Features :  Diameter: 30 cm
  • Dimensions : height: 18 cm /
  • Composition :  100% organic cotton / filling 100% polyester
€ 32,00
In stock

Discover this pretty apple cushion made of organic cotton nappies. It is composed of pretty colours, ideal to decorate baby's room !

  • Brand : MOULIN ROTY
  • Colour : MULTICOLOR
  • Dimensions : width : 27 cm / height : 25 cm
  • Weight: 0,09 kg
  • Composition : 100% cotton
  • Maintenance : Wash at 30° on wool cycle. No tumble dryer.
  • Recommended age : 1+
€ 17,00
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Very practical and comfortable rainbow fleece blanket. It can be used as a baby's play mat or hung on the wall as a wall decoration.

  • Brand : Fabelab
  • Dimensions : length : 110 cm / width : 80 cm 
  • Weight : 0,4 kg
  • Composition : 100% organic cotton, filling in recycled polyester
  • Maintenance : Machine washable at 40°C
  • Age suitability : From birth
  • Standards: Meets the requirements of the standard GOTS 
€ 65,00
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With its subtle but beautiful design, our quilted storage basket is perfect for storing Fabelab friends, disguises and all kinds of toys. With well-known ocher color and popular and playful bee pattern inside, you can fold the top for a decorative and playful look. Use the quilted storage basket in the children's room to store the toys, or to store additional covers or in the living room as a decorative and playful storage. Both handles make it easy to move the storage basket after a busy day. We added a small Fabelab leather label, to give the storage basket an exclusive sensation.

  • Brand :  Fabelab
  • Color :  Indefinite
  • Dimensions : length: 30 cm /width: 33 cm /
  • Weight : 0,5 kg
  • Composition :  100% Organic Cotton I Grounding: 100% recycled polyester wadding
  • Maintenance : 30 degree machine, no dryer, do not iron, do not javelize, no dry cleaning
  • Country of manifacture : India
€ 40,00
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WOODEN GOOSE MUSICAL MOBILE This adorable Little Goose wooden musical mobile has a soothing effect on babies with its pleasant lullaby. The mobile features five geese and they love to fly in circles to entertain your baby. Watching the musical mobile will stimulate visual development. The Little Goose musical mobile is a childcare accessory that will gently entertain and lull babies to sleep. It is made of wood and has a built-in music system that plays a soft and soothing melody. The mobile is decorated with hand-painted wooden goose figurines that gently spin in a circle to attract babies' attention. The mobile is easy to attach to a crib or changing table with an adjustable metal arm. The arm can be adjusted so that the mobile is at the ideal height for the baby. The mobile is designed to be used from birth and is perfect for soothing and lulling babies to sleep. The simple and elegant design of the Little Goose musical mobile also makes it a charming decorative element for the baby's room. The mobile is suitable for a newborn and can easily be attached to a crib or playpen mat.

  • Brand : Little Dutch
  • Dimensions : length: 37 cm / width: 52 cm / height: 75 cm
  • Weight : 1.33 kg
  • Composition : Wood, polyester
  • Standards : Complies with the requirements of the CE standard.
  • Guaranteed duration : 1 year
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : length : 83 cm / height : 36 cm / depth : 25,5 cm / weight 5,32 kg
€ 79,00