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Our high quality cradle mattress will adapt to all morphologies thanks to its quilted cover. It will offer optimal comfort to your baby and accompany it for restorative nights.

  • Brand :  Natalys
  • Colour :  White
  • Features :  Core: 7cm HR Aquapur® D-20 kg. With polyester interior protection net / cover: removable and washable polyester fabric cover ""MERIDIUM"" / Weight: 0'49 kg.
  • Dimensions : length : 79 cm / width : 39 cm / height : 7 cm
  • Composition :  High Resilience Aquapur Foam
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Cocoonababy® allows a gentle transition between the mother's belly and the outside world because the baby finds a mobility close to the one he has known in the maternal uterus. Evolutionary, the adjustable and removable reducer (placed under the fitting sheet) allows you to adapt to the size of the baby while providing him in the winding. High resilience foam which has the capacity to resume its initial form. Guarantees longevity and quality. Hygienic, the washable and water -repellent full protective cover allows impeccable hygiene.

White cover offered: drap spare cover, is only suitable for cocoonababy, in cotton flower.

  • Brand :  Red Castle
  • Color :  White
  • Features :  Cotton combed for extreme sweetness Without heavy metal, phthalate, formaldehyde, BPA, nor any other harmful substance
  • Dimensions : length: 70 cm /width: 44 cm /height: 18 cm /depth: 44 cm
  • Weight : 1.22 kg
  • Composition :  Mousse: 100 % PU / Cover sheet: 93% ctoton and 7% polyester / Protective cover: 100% Tencel / Membrane 100% PU
  • Maintenance : The washable and waterproofing full protective cover allows impeccable hygiene
  • Age suitability : 0-3 months
  • Standards : meets the requiremets of the standard EN71-2 / EN71-3 / Oeko-Tex
  • Country of manifacture : France
  • Warranty period : 2 years
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : lenght : 18 cm / height : 148 cm
€ 165,00

The 66 x 120 cm mattress and top mattress are suitable for kimi baby bed. Thick and farms, they are made in France and their foam is certified certipur.

  • Brand :  Charlie Crane
  • Color :  White
  • Features :  Storage: Store in a cool, dry and constant temperature place (avoid attics, cellars, etc.) To keep the mattress in perfect condition, aer it regularly The mattress cover being non-removable, the use of a mattress protector is highly recommended Dimensions Surmatles: 120 x 66 x 2 cm
  • Dimensions : length: 120 cm /width: 66 cm /height: 6 cm /
  • Composition :  100 % cotton mattress with Certipur Oeko-Tex foam & 100 % OEKO TEXO COTE
  • Maintenance : Surface cleaning only / Clean gently using a damp sponge and a soft detergent, then allow to dry in the open air before using it
  • Standards : meets the requiremets of the standard Mousse CertiPUR Oeko-Tex & Enveloppe 100% Coton Oeko Tex Conforme à la norme Européenne EN16890+A1:2021
  • Country of manifacture : France
€ 189,00

The mattress: essential for your baby's sleep
During its first year, a baby spends more than 17 hours a day sleeping. The choice of mattress is therefore essential to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep. Your baby's mattress must be adjusted to the size of his bed, to his morphology and be sufficiently firm. Natalys makes it a point of honour to offer you quality mattresses to ensure your little one's comfort and safety.

A complete range of mattresses for babies
You will find a wide choice of mattresses for babies, which can be adapted to all your needs. Air-conditioned mattresses with a winter and a summer side, evolutionary mattresses, mattresses with high resilience foam that provides softness and firmness, or folding mattresses that are very useful when travelling. All are designed in soft, breathable fabrics that respect your baby's fragile skin, to turn his bed into a cosy nest.