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All about the bottle warmer

All about the bottle warmer


What is the purpose of a bottle warmer?

Even though some babies are used to drinking their bottles at room temperature from the maternity ward, the ideal temperature is between 35° and 39°. If you keep your formula water or breast milk in the fridge, the difference is far too great. Your baby may refuse to take a bottle that is too cold. This can also cause stomach upsets.

The bottle warmer makes it easier for you to prepare the bottle by bringing it to the right temperature. It also allows you to keep it at that temperature while you go to pick up your baby for feeding. It is not recommended to keep a prepared bottle for a long time. The bottle warmer's keep-warm function should only be used for a few minutes while you settle down to share the meal.

In addition, the bottle warmer prevents the milk from being heated above a certain temperature. In this way, the nutrients are preserved and the risk of burning is eliminated.



The different types of bottle warmers

There are many different types of bottle warmer, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Traditional bottle warmers

Traditional water bath preparation does not allow the temperature to be regulated precisely and there is a risk of burns. This is also the case with the microwave oven. Nowadays, conventional bottle warmers use the water bath technique, but are equipped with a thermostat that stops the mechanism as soon as the ideal temperature is reached. This system is faster than a conventional water bath and prevents overheating. In addition, a few months later, this type of bottle warmer will also allow you to warm up baby food.

To ensure that the bottle is at the right temperature, drop a drop of milk onto the inside of your wrist. The skin is thin and fragile, so you will know immediately if the bottle is too hot.

Some appliances go a step further than the water bath. They heat water or milk (including breast milk) and are equipped with a mixer. Sometimes there is a 'defrost' mode that you can use to bring frozen breastmilk to the right temperature.

Multi-functional bottle warmers

The most advanced bottle warmers work like an espresso machine. Simply fill the unit with water, add the formula and press a button. The machine will mix the milk and bring it up to the desired temperature.

These models can also be used to heat baby food and have a sterilisation mode. You can sterilise your bottles in advance and then prepare and heat them in one device.



How to choose the best bottle warmer?

Whether it's a classic bottle warmer or a more sophisticated one, you can choose the device that suits you according to your budget and your desires. To do this, don't overlook the features designed specifically to make preparing your baby's meals easier.

Check that your bottle warmer is universal and can be used with all brands of baby bottles. This is now the case with most models.

To take care of your baby when he is hungry and to keep him waiting as little as possible, take into account the heating time of the device. Some are very fast, down to less than a minute. In addition, you can sometimes fine-tune the setting according to the capacity of the bottle. This way, the preparation speed is optimised.


Natalys selection :

Warm bottles and baby food with Beaba's Baby Milk Second Bottle Warmer. It mixes the milk evenly inside the bottle to avoid hot spots. It takes 2 minutes to warm up 150 ml of milk and 5 minutes for a small jar. It has a simple and precise double electronic programming. Finally, the Bottle Warmer also has a defrosting function so baby can enjoy your breast milk.
€ 55,00

This bottle warmer allows you to quickly warm up your baby's milk and food. Easy to use and very intuitive, it will quickly become indispensable for young parents.

  • Brand : BABYMOOV
  • Colour : WHITE
  • Characteristics : Fast heating: on average 2min10 for a 60ml bottle, 3min30 for 240ml and 4min for a pot / Compatible with all the bottles on the market (wide neck up to 82mm) and adaptation ring / Automatic stop / Visual alarm / Good stability / Graduated scale explaining the correspondences between water and ml of milk / Adapter for small pots included Dimensions: length: 17 cm / width: 14 cm / height: 20 cm
  • Weight : 0.76 kg
  • Composition : Polypropylene
  • Recommended age : 0+.
  • Guaranteed duration : FOR LIFE - SUBJECT TO REGISTRATION 
  • Package dimensions : Package 1 : length : 44 cm / height : 41 cm / depth : 18,8 cm/ Weight 5 kg) 
€ 40,00
€ 100,00
For your baby's meal, discover the Milk Prep Blue Bottle and Milk Drink Formula from Beaba. The plus product : Evolutive: Preparation of powdered milk, breast milk, growth milk and milk chocolate. Rapid heating of water and milk and choice of temperature. Prevents the formation of lumps. Intuitive use of the product. Compact and ergonomic design. Council of use: as of the birth. Characteristics: Country of manufacture: France. Composition: PP, stainless steel and CV in tritan. Dimensions: Height: 22.7 cm. Length: 15 cm. Width: 12.5 cm. Weight: 0.765 kg. Package dimensions: 25.6x17.5x26.5 cm. Package weight: 2.15 kg. Council of maintenance: Lid, mixer and bowl compatible with the dishwasher. Descaling of the bowl possible with the cleaning product Béaba or kitchen vinegar.
€ 90,00

This bottle warmer will heat bottles, breast milk sachets or small jars for just the right amount of time, with the right type of heater. Compact and easy to carry, it will be the ideal ally for young parents.

  • Brand : BABYMOOV
  • Colour : BLUE
  • Characteristics : "bain-marie" mode (65°C max.) to preserve all the benefits of breast milk / Two plugs, home and car, included / Automatic or delayed start-up (from 15 minutes to 12 hours) / Warms, keeps warm and defrosts / Suitable for all bottles, small jars or bags of breast milk (max 8cm diameter)
  • Dimensions : length: 19 cm / width: 14.5 cm / height: 14.5 cm
  • Weight : 0.8 kg
  • Composition : Polypropylene, ABS / BPA free
  • Care : Internal and external surfaces washable with a damp cloth. Adaptation ring, pod and basket are dishwasher safe.
  • Recommended age : 0+.
  • Duration of guarantee : FOR LIFE - SUBJECT TO REGISTRATION 
  • Package dimensions :
    • Package 1: length: 40 cm / height: 31 cm / depth: 16 cm / weight 4,1 kg)


€ 66,00

Easy Start anti-colic bottle are perfect for baby: the regular flow allows it to drink at its own pace and not to swallow air to go together a relaxed moment

  • Brand :  Mam
  • Color :  Aqua
  • Features :  Mam Biberon Easy Start Anti-Colic Nature / Sweet Pacifier Like Skin, Recognized Instinctively By Baby / Anti-Colic: Proven Effect On Colics With Aerated Base / Unique Design in Nature Colors / Self Sterilization Easy / Transmitting Baby Bird Softness / - From 2 to 12 months - Flow Teat 2
  • Dimensions :
  • Weight : 0,2528 kg
  • Composition :  Bottle Body: Polypropylene / Cap: Polypropylene / Ring: Polypropylene / Aerated Base: Polypropylene / Valve: Silicone / Pacifle: Silicone
  • Age suitability : 2-12M
  • Country of manifacture : Austria
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : lenght : 30 cm / height : 20,3 cm / depth : 23 cm
€ 16,00
€ 45,00
€ 32,00