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The Natalys brand




Since its foundation in Paris more than seventy years ago, Natalys has become the French reference in bith preparation, helping parents prepare for the arrival of their baby. The name of the brand, derived from the word "natalis" meaning "birth", reflects its main mission. However, Natalys accompanies parents well before the day of the birth and throughout the first days of their child's life.

Over the years, Natalys has been able to reinvent itself with innovative concepts that reflect current trends while maintaining a high quality offer and a personalized service that make its unique DNA. Inspired by the Latin word "natalis" which means "day of birth", Natalys accompanies future and young parents with kindness and expertise at every moment, from pregnancy to parenthood.

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The Natalys brand is constantly evolving to meet the needs of parents. It designs textiles, furniture and decoration with the same care it takes to select products from expert partner brands in childcare, with whom it has built up trusting relationships for over 70 years. Natalys also promotes emerging brands that share common values.

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Natalys is inspired by its community to transmit values of benevolence and transparency through its exchanges with employees and loyal parents.

Natalys' commitment to the environment translates into responsible production choices with sustainable materials for baby clothes. A new logo clearly indicates eco-friendly products on the website and labels, making it easy to identify sustainably manufactured pieces. Natalys thus honors birth in accordance with its values.

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If Natalys is a reference for children, the brand attaches a great importance to being close to parents. Natalys maintains a sincere and unique relationship with parents by offering complete guides from pregnancy to baby. Natalys's practical advices help parents to prepare for the big change and to be well accompanied.

To make this period even more unforgettable, Natalys offer a birth list to be personnalized and shared with loving relatives. The brand is accomplice to facilitate the organization of baby's birth.

Natalys is also present on digital with magazines and online stores for an immersive experience in the brand's universe. Thanks to its quality content, Natalys is the reference to accompany parents in the most beautiful adventure of their life.

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