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Founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1997, Angelcare makes innovative and high-quality baby products so parents can enjoy peace of mind. The history of Angelcare began with the creation of a patented baby monitor with motion detector as the company’s founding president, Mr. Pinsonnault, and his wife were overcome with anxiety after the birth of their baby. Like many new parents, they wanted to be reassured when their baby was sleeping alone in the nursery and did not feel entirely secure with traditional baby monitors that only transmitted sounds. Mr. Pinsonnault therefore designed a baby monitor that detected his baby's movements both while the baby was awake and sleeping, and that alerted him when no movement was detected for more than 20 seconds. The Angelcare idea was born and the company's monitors are now available in more than 55 countries. In the meantime, Angelcare has also developed a line of practical and ergonomic products for changing and bathing babies to facilitate the baby care process.