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YOYO² Carrycot, 6+, Grey, Black Frame


Yoyoa² black frame

€ 389,00
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Discover the new Babyzen’s Black ADVANCED CANE YOYO² STROLLER !

YOYO becomes YOYO² to gain even more comfort and practicality, thanks to its new independent suspensions on its 4 wheels, it allows the stroller to perfectly match all types of surfaces. It also has:
-a new premium handlebar, in synthetic leather, more resistant, more hygienic and increased safety with holding strap,
-a new universal buckle with a new design, more pleasant to the touch and easier to handle, a new more flexible and softer harness for better comfort,
-a new reversible backrest without tools thanks to a more ergonomic button, -revisited designs of the front and rear undercarriages, armrests and basket.
For a Yoyo² stroller to be used from birth up to 6 months, you need a white or black frame and a 0+ newborn carrycot in the color of your choice. From 6 months up to 18kg (about 4 years), you need the same white or black frame and a 6+ hammock in the color of your choice.

ref: CAD YOYO2 NOIR / 20PBPO002PCE090



Yoyo Gray Nacelle (0-6 months)

€ 260,00
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We offer you a real cocoon for your child. It is positioned high on the stroller so that you can be very close to him. Don't worry your baby is going to be very comfortably installed on a double breathable mattress. The shell and hood have been designed to let air circulate freely. Thanks to its incredible lightness, you'll be able to carry it easily and install it on the stroller frame without waking your baby when you decide to go for a walk. Also, when you're having dinner with friends or visiting your parents, just unclip the carrier from the frame and put it down so you can watch over your baby. You can fold the frame of the YOYO² stroller and put it on your shoulder while carrying the carrycot by hand when you go home. It is the ideal concoon to make the transition between the inside and outside of the house.

  • Brand :  BABYZEN
  • Colour :  Grey
  • Features :  Contains: Double Hull nacelle mattress fitted sheet, sprayhood, 2 convertible top bows, comforter, two adapters, protective bag, User Guide / Ultra-compact, disassembled into two half-shells for an optimized storage.. / Double comfortable and breathable mattress 4.5 cm thick. / Ventilated hull. / Hood 2 positions and breathable open for ventilation baby . / Rigid shell and quilts wrapping. / Small inner storage pockets. / Wear hand through its grips and lands on the ground. / A 52 cm above the floor, the baby is lying 7 cm higher than in the newborn pack.
  • Dimensions : length : 78 cm / width : 44 cm / height : cm / depth : 46 cm
  • Weight : 3 kg
  • Composition :  Plastic 47%, 41% Cloth 12% Metal, Fabric UV (UPF 50+) treated water repellent
  • Maintenance : Mattresses, fitted sheets, quilts and hood washable at 30 ° C in Machine
  • Age suitability : Approved up to 6 months
  • Max authorized weight : 9 kg
  • Warranty period : 2 years




€ 60,00
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By 6 months of age, your child has grown up and it's time for him to discover the world by sitting facing the road. Your YOYO² will then follow the physiological evolution of your child, just replace your carrycot or your new pack-né́́ by the textiles of the 6+ color pack. In this version, YOYO² can be folded and unfolded with just one hand while carrying your child in your arms.

  • Brand :  BABYZEN
  • Colour :  Grey
  • Features : Comfortable seat cushion / Rear window so you can always keep an eye on your child / Rear zipped pocket to keep essentials close to hand.
  • Dimensions : length : 60 cm / width : 30,5 cm / depth : 38 cm
  • Weight : 0,425 kg
  • Composition :  100% polyester fabric, PU foam, fabric anti-UV (UPF 50+) treated water repellent
  • Maintenance :  washable fabrics wash at 30 ° C
  • Age suitability : From 6 months to 4 years
  • Max authorized weight : 22 kg
ref: YOYO+ PACK 6+ G / 15PBPO012HAB940




€ 120,00
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Designed so that children can feel warm in their YOYO thanks to its sherpa lining, the YOYO footmuff offers optimal protection. Its polar fleece hood and its adjustment cord allow the baby to feel warmer. To adapt to all seasons, the hood is reversible and the upper part of the footmuff is fully detachable.

  • Brand :  BABYZEN
  • Colour :  Grey
  • Features :  Protection anti-dust by opening the bas./ The YOYO stroller folds with Chancellor BABYZEN YOYO. / Comes with a small carrying bag. / 2 levels button to select the opening and release liner by two zips ./ drawstring to keep more heat and reversible hood for larger ./ Attaches YOYO without impeding the folding and unfolding . / 6 attachment points to ensure a perfect fit in particular during the folding and unfolding of the stroller.
  • Dimensions : length : 90 cm / width : 40 cm 
  • Weight : 0.76 kg
  • Composition :  White sherpa lining and double thickness wadding for optimum comfort. / Protecting internal and external anti-dirt in an easily treated material waterproof material lavable.
  • Maintenance : Fully machine washable at 30 ° C




€ 80,00
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BABYZEN makes your daily life easier thanks to your * YOYO bag*, which can be attached to the YOYO pram in a few seconds and, thanks to its wheel, can carry an extra 10 kg without any effort. Loaded with groceries or objects, your YOYO remains easy to handle, light, totally stable and can always be carried with one hand. And that's not all, as the pushchairs can tip over under the weight of their bags hanging from the handlebars.

  • Brand :  BABYZEN
  • Colour :  Grey
  • Features :  Bag supported by a rolling base, the bag rolls and that changes everything! / Instant connection with one hand, patented on YOYO + and YOYO2./ Approved up to 10 kg or 40 L volume stockage./ 22 kg in the seat of a YOYO2 10 kg YOYO bag * and 5 kg in the basket: 37-kg weigh nothing more / the stroller remains ultra handy, still leads in one hand and the weight of the bag is supported by the rolling base . / Bag height adjustable, fits 6+ as to 0+, even with the car seat. / Once removed from the stroller, the bag is caught by its two handles and flat bottom allows it to ask the sol./ The stroller folds and unfolds with its rolling base (bag removed) and hooks installed on the handlebars . / Rolling base that switches to the cart to save space when not used.
  • Dimensions : height : 45 cm / depth : 23 cm
  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Composition :  polyester bag
  • Maintenance : Washable at 30 ° C
ref: YOYO+ BAG GRIS / 18PBDP017SCC940