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Advice from Natalys
The Natalys guide to accompany you during your pregnancy, the birth of your baby as well as a complete accompaniment for his first months...

YOYO² pram: the pram for walking baby

YOYO² pram: the pram for walking baby


The Yoyo2 pushchair, comfortable and practical

Folding and unfolding a pram has never been so easy, even with your baby in your arms. The Yoyo² pram can be folded with one hand, thanks to the simultaneous action of 2 buttons that are easily accessible. It weighs only 6.2 to 6.6 kg, can be carried on a shoulder strap and comes with a carry bag. Unfolding is just as easy: after unlocking the safety catch, pull the pushchair by the handle and it unfolds by itself.

To take your baby anywhere, the Yoyo pushchair fits under the metro gates once the handlebars are folded. During the walk, you can easily access the lower basket from the front or the back, which supports a weight of 5 kg. When folded, the pram measures only 52 x 44 x 18 cm. These ultra-compact dimensions allow it to be accepted as hand luggage by most airlines. This means that your child can accompany you to one of our workshops, but can also enjoy their usual pram during the holidays.

The Yoyo2's imitation leather handlebars ensure a comfortable grip. The new Yoyo2 has independent Hytrel® elastomer suspension on all four wheels. This new technology guarantees a smooth ride, whatever the terrain.



Yoyo2 pram: an evolving and durable pram

Thanks to its new reinforced frame made of stainless steel, aluminium alloy and fibreglass-reinforced plastic, the Yoyo2 pram will last for generations. All the accessories of the Yoyo+ range are compatible with the new design of the Yoyo2 version: Yoyo bag, umbrellas, footmuffs... Robust and clever, it is entirely assembled with screws, which makes it easy to dismantle, repair and recycle.

But the Yoyo pram is much more than a birth pram. The frame (black or white) can be equipped with 2 textiles, to accompany your baby up to 22 kg. Each is available in 9 colours (aqua, Air France blue, ginger, grey, black, peppermint, red, taupe and toffee). The textiles are made of water-repellent UV-resistant fabric: the liquid runs off them. They can also be machine washed at 30°.



From the birth pram to the discovery of the world

From birth to around 6 months, the newborn 0+ fabric of the new Yoyo² pushchair allows your child to lie completely facing you, on a reinforced mattress equipped with a headrest, in a special newborn hammock. Everything is designed for comfort and safety: matching footrest, 5-point harness, 2-position pop-up bonnet... The pram can be folded even if the newborn 0+ fabric is installed.

The Car seat 0+ is compatible with Yoyo2 frames and can be fitted in 2 clicks, thanks to the adapters provided, without having to remove the textile in place. Switching from the car to a ride will no longer wake your baby up.

As your baby grows, from 6 months onwards, it's time to help them discover the world with the 6+ colour fabric. The seat faces the road and has a comfortable cushion, and the backrest can be reclined in several positions if your baby needs a nap during the ride. The colour 6+ fabric complies with the European standard EN1888, which guarantees to accompany your child up to 22 kg. His safety is ensured by a 5-point harness and you can keep an eye on him at all times thanks to the rear window, above the zipped pocket which keeps the essentials within reach.


Natalys selection :

Discover the new Babyzen’s Black ADVANCED CANE YOYO² STROLLER !

YOYO becomes YOYO² to gain even more comfort and practicality, thanks to its new independent suspensions on its 4 wheels, it allows the stroller to perfectly match all types of surfaces. It also has:
-a new premium handlebar, in synthetic leather, more resistant, more hygienic and increased safety with holding strap,
-a new universal buckle with a new design, more pleasant to the touch and easier to handle, a new more flexible and softer harness for better comfort,
-a new reversible backrest without tools thanks to a more ergonomic button, -revisited designs of the front and rear undercarriages, armrests and basket.
For a Yoyo² stroller to be used from birth up to 6 months, you need a white or black frame and a 0+ newborn carrycot in the color of your choice. From 6 months up to 18kg (about 4 years), you need the same white or black frame and a 6+ hammock in the color of your choice.

€ 399,00

For parents who need to fold their stroller at home, get on the bus, take the train or plane, equipped with YOYO² her newborn pack goes everywhere, folds and unfolds with your child in your arms and carried on the shoulder. Everywhere, the stroller is very small and easy to store. During your walks, your baby sits comfortably in his hammock and cozy plush custom designed for an infant. The newborn pack allows you to extend your baby completely flat, facing you, safe in his 5-point harness.

  • Brand :  BABYZEN
  • Colour :  Peppermint
  • Features :   Contains: arch top, textile Base, Cale header, Capote, hammock pillow, comforter, User Guide /. Please note, the rain cover is no longer incluse./ Fold ""one element"" ultra compact. / Bent Dimensions luggage cabine./ mattress completely flat 2.5 cm thick. / Cale header fabric soft and light, matching the color of the mattress. / 5-point harness with new Universal loop to the new design, more pleasant to the touch and easy to manipuler./ Capote ""pop-up"" with two different opening positions. / Adjustable strap in the crotch for optimal installation of your baby. / Comforter in the same material as the hood for better protection (fabric + resistant and water-repellent) and look better.
  • Dimensions : length : 75 cm / width : 40 cm / height : 38 cm
  • Weight : 1,645 kg
  • Composition :  Fabric UV (UPF 50+) treated water repellent / Polar sherpa raw white soft and fluffy
  • Maintenance :  Machine washable at 30 ° C by removing the plates from the textile base and the bow of the convertible top.
  • Age suitability : Approved up to 6 months
  • Max authorized weight : 9 kg
€ 200,00
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Yoyo Nacelle - Taupe

  • Brand :  Babyzen
  • Color :  mole
  • Features :  The Yoyo Nacelle clips on the Yoyo² stroller in one click, is hand in hand and lands on the ground. Equipped with its nacelle, Yoyo² is still manifiable and agile. It's a real cocoon for your child. It is positioned in height on the stroller so that you are close to it. Your baby is comfortably installed on a double breathable mattress. The hull and the hood were thought to leave the air circulating freely. Thanks to its incredible lightness, you can wear it easily and install it on the stroller when you decide to walk. You can fold the yoyo² stroller frame and put it on the shoulder while you wear the nacelle when you come home. / Ultra-light, 3 kg / Certified up to 9 kg / Ultra-compact, removable in two half-hulls for optimized storage / double comfortable and breathable mattress of 4.5 cm thick / Case and ventilated hood / Semi-rigid hull and enveloping foot cover / Small indoor storage pockets / Anti-UV (UPF 50+) Treated Treated / Yoyo Connect compatible accessory
  • Dimensions : length: 77 cm /width: 44 cm /height: 45,5 cm /
  • Weight : 3,2 kg
  • Country of manifacture : China
  • Warranty period : 2 years
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : lenght : 29,5 cm / height : 4,82 cm
€ 260,00
Dress your stroller according to your desires with the Aqua Hammock specially designed for the new Yoyo+ by Babyzen. This hammock kit is composed of a comfortable cushion with a 5-point harness and a hood with a surveillance window. The backrest is reclining in multiple positions. The seat can be used from 6 months to 4 years. Requires a frame to compose the stroller.
€ 70,00

The Libelle is the ultra compact stroller of Cybex which will accompany you in all your getaways. Its very small folding and featherweight allow you to store it everywhere - luggage compartment cabin, train, transport bag. Compact and comfortable, tilt the file of the Libelle. A birth use is possible thanks to the Libelle adapters that can accommodate a Cybex shell.

  • Brand :  Cybex Gold
  • Color :  Moon black
  • Features :  Ultra light, ultra compact, backrest and adjustable legs, cabin baggage approved.
  • Dimensions : length: 23,3 cm /width: 34,7 cm /height: 52,5 cm /depth: 23,3 cm
  • Weight : 7,2 kg
  • Composition :  Aluminum
  • Materials :  Aluminum
  • Finishing :  -
  • Maintenance : -
  • Age suitability : 6 months to 22 kg
  • Max authorized weight : 22 kg
  • Standards : meets the requiremets of the standard EN
  • Country of manifacture : China
  • Warranty period : 2 years
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : lenght : 23,3 cm / height : 7,2 cm

Mios Chassis and Siege Structure Rosegold 2022

  • Brand :  Cybex
  • Color :  Rosegold
  • Dimensions : length: 93 cm /width: 50 cm /height: 108 cm /
  • Weight : 9,9 kg
  • Max authorized weight : 22kg kg
  • Country of manifacture : China
  • Warranty period : 2 years
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : lenght : 29,4 cm
€ 599,00

Mios Pack Siege Deep Black 2022

  • Brand :  Cybex
  • Color :  Deep Black
  • Dimensions : length: 26 cm /width: 28 cm /height: 55 cm /
  • Weight : 2,45 kg
  • Maintenance : washing 30 ° C
  • Max authorized weight : 22kg kg
  • Country of manifacture : China
  • Warranty period : 2 years
  • Package dimensions :
    • Parcel 1 : lenght : 12,4 cm
€ 199,00
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At the same time ultra light, ultra modern and super practical for a total weight of 5.8 kg, the Melio Carbon is our lightest stroller, designed specifically for urban life. The Melio Carbon can be folded with one hand in a standing position, then measuring 690 x 490 x 290 mm, making it an ideal model in very frequented spaces such as metro and cafes. Its reversible seat allows you to install your child facing backwards while he rests, or front forward so that he can enjoy the sounds and colors of the city. The Melio Carbon also has a removable comfort lining and a backrest with breathable mesh coating to ensure good air circulation.


  • Brand :  Cybex
  • Color :  Navy Blue
  • Dimensions : length: 91 cm /width: 49 cm /height: 107 cm /
  • Weight : 6,6 kg
  • Maintenance : washing 30 ° C
  • Max authorized weight : 15kg kg
  • Warranty period : 2 years
  • Package dimensions :
  • Parcel 1 : lenght : 49,3 cm
€ 469,00
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